Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Sketch from Ulrika

It was Texture Tuesday today in the studio and the challenge was to use 3 papers from either of the new 7 Dots ranges I have in stock.

I came across this site the other day and checked it out - it has some great sketches - and Ulrika is very talented also, her work is lovely.


I love this photo of my nanna, poppa and my dad. Nanna's face shows the love and pride she has for her only son.

 I have used 7 Dots - Thoughts Keeper.
The colours are so soft and lovely, just perfect for a heritage layout. I used 3 sheets - no 2, 3 & 5. I also used part of a Blue Fern set (the Splattered Circle), some washi and a whole bunch of random flowers that I had in my stash. I coloured the chipboard (no gesso) with Twinkling H2Os - I love the softness of the colour straight on the chipboard.

 I am so happy with the way this heart turned out - just what I wanted (woohoo!)



So, anyway...  I loved the sketch so much (and couldn't decide which 7 Dots range to use today), so I did another, using the Destination Unknown range.
Again, I used 3 papers - Journey, Celestial and Night Sky. 

When I look at this photo now, it makes me smile. I had got a copy from Aunty Jean and when I showed dad, he said that nanna hated the photo!  Apparently, she was always conscious of her weight - and didn't appreciate that the photo implies that it took 4 people (well, they are kids!) to balance out her weight at the other end of the boat!

 I also used a Prima stencil and stamp - and some flowers, Scrap Matrix chippie, Heidi Swapp stickers... and more random flowers.
They turned out so different - they hardly look like the same sketch!
Thanks for popping by, Cheers, Vicki

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blue Fern Studios - December Sketch


I have really only discovered this brand in the last couple of months - and it is my new favourite brand... the quality is great  (and perfect in weight for mixed media), the designs are all so pretty, and the ranges so far.. are quite different in their look - and I love all 3 that I have in the studio.
I have (in stock)  The Garden, Ombre Dreams (my fave) and Sanctuary, which is brand new, and what I have used in this layout!!

Here is the lovely sketch.

And here is my layout



And a couple of close ups...  I heat embossed the coral (Blue Fern chipboard branch) with whits and gold - and it looks awesome. I also gessoed the metal shell charms to give them a more whitewashed look.  I used H2Os straight onto the chipboard for the shells and the title, and it gave such a pretty soft effect.

This next close up I took, because the sun was catching the page in such a pretty way, I couldn't resist. I did take the whole page, but the sun actually washed most of the colour out... but the close ups were gorgeous!

Blue Fern Studios products I used:
Sanctuary paper - Meadows of Time.
Chipboard title "Beautiful"
Chipboard set of Seaside Shells
Chipboard Splattered Circle (the smallest one only)
Chipboard Twiggy Branch (I turned it into coral!
I also used Scrap Matrix metal charms, glass domes and mini micro beads, Prima bling swirls, paper clips and Finnabair Glass Beads.
I am ridiculously happy with how this turned out!
Thanks for popping by,
Cheers, Vicki

CSI Case No 149. December

This is my second case as a Special Investigator -
feeling like a real rookie!
I love this colour palette, it has some of my favourite colours, but obviously - from the southern hemisphere - it is hard to imagine Christmas all rugged up with scarves, hats and sitting around a fire with snowmen!!!  So, my layout is based on the colours, the sketch and the journaling clues.


 And a couple of close ups...
I am unsure I love this .... I may have overdone it (I am a little prone to not knowing when to stop and getting a little carried away!). However, I was determined to use all 4 photos, once I decided to use the "4 wishes" clue....

The Scheme - all colours accounted for.
Polka dots (sort of - if I can count the dots stencil)
Buttons - in the middle of my hand made flowers.
Swirls - on my background paper
Mixed media background, trees, animals (the photos of the wise monkeys), wood (tree embellishments), and string connecting it all together.
Not exactly a swirl, but my journaling is in a wavy curl shape, and documents my 4 wishes (that we could all live by what the monkeys are gesturing. Of course, there is one monkey missing.... DO NO EVIL!!!
Thanks for stopping by,
Cheers, Vicki

Friday, 5 December 2014

I am a SPECIAL DEPUTY!!!!!  For CSI!!!!

For the month of December!!!!


I just can not even believe it!!!

"... your layout was chosen as a favorite for the Scrap365 Case File! That means you are invited to be a Special Deputy for December!"
The layout they are referring to is 50's Glam:
(from post called 'Last One' in October)
I am a "little" excited - and hope that the 'pressure' of this title doesn't affect me - or more importantly - what I create!
So, right onto my first case....

Case File 365-10

Here is my layout

Be Happy

I love this photo of Bree, it is so natural and unguarded, and I would love to know what goes on in her head ..... sometimes. lol
It is moments like this that I would like to remind her
how awesome she is!

A close-up and my journaling tag.

I distress inked all of my tags and embellishments, I have jars, (which hold the goals I would like her to strive for), there is metal (envelope, wings, locket, clock..), flowers, cotton string, ribbon (on journaling tag), puffy stickers, my jars are hanging - (but on string, not ribbon!), cursive font (the title) and chalkboard embellishments  (tags, flags and tickets).
My inspiration was the 'journal jars' and I handwrote on my tag.

 Thanks for dropping by - and please, if you like challenges - or just need a little inspiration - check out CSI. It is a very cool site - loads of talented people involved and everyone is SO friendly! Here is the link to their home page:
...and while you are there - check out My Page here:*QLkoHuEljDILNb7S9rmdmmU*txz9Ce*bfdlZPuPMa0gbZJCJ*Rz/S36510flat.jpg

CSI Case File 148 - November

How lovely is this?  The colours are so soft and beautiful, and the evidence supports this too!
Here is my take on the case - I worked hard to solve it.....

Coffee Time

I used some Pink Paisley watercolor type patterned paper, and added some more watercolour effects with sprays and H2Os, before cutting it all up and making layers for the background, and then penned around some edges. 
Teacup accents (Scrap Matrix and Prima), book page (looking) paper, flowers, speech bubble, birds, watercolour, tags, string and a little bit of pen work.
Although this "morning coffee" activity is not a common occurrence with my daughter - we don't live geographically close - I wish it could be a daily pleasure I share with her!
Also, my little tags explain the sentiment and are connected with the string, which then connects to all the other sub heading words.
This case closes next Friday - follow the link to join in...
This site is so cool.
Thanks for popping in,
Cheers, Vicki

Friday, 28 November 2014

Blue Fern Studios - November Sketch Challenge


Here is my layout



I spotted this beautiful shop in Ubud on a 'little' shopping expedition.
It caught my eye and we HAD to stop. I really wanted a couple of the larger cages to hang as a corner display at home, but didn't have the courage to risk getting them through customs, so I just bought a few small ones.
 My next trip over, I had decided to buy one and take my chances....
And I couldn't find the shop....
I have used 2 sheets of the amazingly beautiful Montage range from Blue Fern Studios. The "Beautiful" title is also Blue Fern.
I have also used Scrap Matrix Vintage Trinkets (aged with gesso) and flowers, and a Prima stencil with Tim Holtz Distress Ink (peacock feathers).
As soon as I saw this brand - Blue Fern -  I knew we had to have
 it at Scrap Matrix.
It has not long been in store, and already proving popular. The quality is superb, colours are stunning and it just beckons "beautiful' layouts!
There are 2 more ranges - and one coming soon - the Garden and Ombre Dreams, which is now my new favourite range - and so perfect for mixed media backgrounds.
The Blue Fern Blog is a beautiful place, check it out here:
Thanks for stopping by,
Cheers, Vicki

Thursday, 27 November 2014

 Scrapki Wyzwaniowa - Cogs - November Challenge

This challenge was very straight forward and perfectly suited to this photo of Zac, I am sure the 'cogs were turning'....
 This is my layout featuring Cogs

Concentration Face

I used: Bo Bunny - Somewhere in Time paper and some of the ephemera pack that matches (heaps of cogs in there). I also used Finnabair Prima wooden cogs and some Scrap Matrix vintage trinkets cogs.
I made the tag using a tag stencil, texture paste, gelatos, and coloured some cogs with gelatos also.... cogs, cogs, cogs...

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

CSI Case File 147 - November

This was a bit of a challenge - incorporating the Scheme, Evidence, Testimony - and then the Sketch on top of that!!! A big case to crack!
For someone who does not seem to choose primary colours to scrap with often, I nearly decided not to do this one, but thought I might just flick through some photos, on the off chance something jumped out... well it kind of did, and then it was, well... I will just see what papers are around - and I found some.... so I thought I would have a little play...  

Here is my take on the case:

Last School Pick up - Ever

The Scene: Zac packing the car with all his college possessions on Year 12 Graduation Day - and trying to avoid having his photo taken...
"Mum, please, there are people around and you are embarrassing me!"
Like, really, he should be used to that!

(I have included links for the products used from Scrap Matrix)
I have used Blue Fern Studio chipboard circles, I have created stripes (as per the sketch background), Zac's quilt cover is plaid (that was a bonus!), polka dot paper (from Fancy Pants Collecting Moments Pants Collecting Moments), grid pattern Kaisercraft Stamp, star stencil (with texture paste) and I have stacked the wooden and paper embellishments, plus, Zac is 'stacking' the car!
My stacked wooden speech bubbles are part of my journaling, I am giving my son some advice and I used the words 'day, support and ties'.
Have I solved this case????
Thanks for stopping by,
Cheers, Vicki

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scrap 365 - November Challenge

Here is the sketch:

(which I missed the deadline of - who would have thought it would finish in the middle of the month, when it is called November challenge???)
Anyway, I really like the layout that the sketch inspired -
it just won't  get entered!

Sand Pit Fun


My beautiful little sand pit baby... I think she already drank her sand tea!
I don't usually work well with pastel shades, but I like the way the photo really stands out.
Thanks for stopping by!
Cheers, Vicki

CSI November Case File No. S365-9

Follow this link to see more and to join in!

Here is the case:

 Here is me - solving it!

"Life Always Offers a Second Chance"

Leaves (on  the transparency and the floral), transportation accents (Melissa Francis resins - depicting the travel I didn't do!), music elements (music transparency and song titles), metal (charms - arrow, camera, passport, eternal hope symbol...), I scattered the flowers - in a cluster! I added string and there are numbers on the clock, and the word Second in the title.
I have documented (privately - on tag that says "This Happenned") the events that led to my 4 month, 5 years in the planning 'trip to everywhere'... that was cancelled due to family matters - the day before we were due to leave. I handwrote sing titles that were pertinent to the story.
Here are a couple of close ups, showing the metal charms, resins, scattered flowers and string, all sitting on a printed serviette with a Paris street scene on it - glued to a transparency.
I love this site!
And even though this layout is a record of a very sad time, it was good to get it done - and I am happy I did it for this challenge.
Thanks for stopping by!
Cheers, Vicki

Once Upon a Sketch - November Challenge.

Go to this link to find out more - and to join in!
The word that goes with this month's sketch challenge is "Inspire".
While this photo may not look terribly inspiring (to anyone else!)...
it actually has a lot of meaning for me.  I keep it quite handy, and when I need to remember to 'lighten up' or need a little private giggle,
 this is the photo I go to.
It is inspiration to remind me to enjoy the simple things.
It was definitely one of those 'you had to be there' moments.....
I had tears rolling down my face as we thought of different captions.
I used Pink Paisely patterned paper, Bo Bunny and Kaisercraft stamps,  Scrap Matrix chipboard, flowers and charms, Petaloo flowers and Prima stencil and letter stickers and some mesh tape and assorted sprays.
 Just a couple of close ups...
How could this layout not be fun, full of inspiration and bring a smile?
Cheers, thanks for looking!