Wednesday, 19 November 2014

CSI November Case File No. S365-9

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Here is the case:

 Here is me - solving it!

"Life Always Offers a Second Chance"

Leaves (on  the transparency and the floral), transportation accents (Melissa Francis resins - depicting the travel I didn't do!), music elements (music transparency and song titles), metal (charms - arrow, camera, passport, eternal hope symbol...), I scattered the flowers - in a cluster! I added string and there are numbers on the clock, and the word Second in the title.
I have documented (privately - on tag that says "This Happenned") the events that led to my 4 month, 5 years in the planning 'trip to everywhere'... that was cancelled due to family matters - the day before we were due to leave. I handwrote sing titles that were pertinent to the story.
Here are a couple of close ups, showing the metal charms, resins, scattered flowers and string, all sitting on a printed serviette with a Paris street scene on it - glued to a transparency.
I love this site!
And even though this layout is a record of a very sad time, it was good to get it done - and I am happy I did it for this challenge.
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Cheers, Vicki

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