Monday, 30 March 2015

30th March

1,2,3 Challenge

I came across this challenge site last month, and I like the concept - again, the 3 prompts are quite open, so will produce many different options for creating.  The colour got me in this one - has to be my favourite... well, one of them..
Here is my entry


And a couple of close ups.
 I took these with the sun streaming in the window... and love the way the shadows happened, and make the bling "pop"!
This layout is loaded with Blue Fern Designs... paper, chipboard title, twiggy tree and sea shells.  I painted the sea shells and title with H2os, embossed the twig to look like coral, and added some Scrap Matrix Vintage trinkets (the metal shells) with some Prima bling and some micro beads. Love the way it tall came together...
Cheers, Vicki

Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 26th

CSI Case File No 157

(Colour. Stories. Inspiration.)
Here is the link, but this challenge closes in a few days,
so be quick!

As soon as I saw this case, I knew what I wanted to do... I was easily lead!  My cat, my camera.... and grids. Surely I could not go wrong!  Then I noticed the RED - eeeek!!! 
But, by then I was on a mission, and I think I even managed to get close to the sketch.
This is the major case for the month, so it incorporates a sketch to go along with it.... just to make it more interesting! lol

Here is my layout - "CLICK"

(The reflection of green under the top right photo of HenLi is actually black Glossy Accents, and has reflected my yard!).
And why doesn't my white paper look white????
I take good photos - unless they are of layouts... and I have tried so many options to get it right!

Scheme: All colours accounted for.
Evidence: Grid pattern (background, using Distress Stains), Camera (vintage trinkets and stencil with texture paste), metal (trinkets), hearts (engraved on the locket trinket), string (I actually used ribbon...), Polaroid Frames (die used).
Testimony:  "CLICK"
Sketch: Is loosely followed... I was 'inspired' by...
Here are a couple of close ups...
 No deep and meaningful journaling here.... but reflects my love of HenLi, my camera, my photos - and ultimately why I am so passionate about scrapbooking. It just brings it all together!

Loved adding so many little photos of HenLi, coming straight out of the Polaroid!
Thanks CSI, another case solved - and enjoyed!
Cheers, Vicki

26th March

CSI Case File 158

Back again with another case, and for a while these pastel shades had me going...  then I remembered this Prima range I have been hanging onto, and figured I could make it work... and away I went.
Here is the link....

Here is me, solving the case, my way!
(I think I need a tutorial on how to take great shots of layouts.... anyone know one????)


The Scheme: All shades accounted for (in the paper, gelatos - in the background to enhance the scheme colours, with the embossing powder).
Evidence: dots (3D gel stenciled dots), lacing (leaves laced through Blue Fern Designs splattered circle chipboard), trees and branches (chipboard) animals (my photo!), misting/splats, mix fonts, long title.... lots of evidence collected.
Testimony: Journal directly onto page, and the word "special" is included in the journaling.
Here are a couple of close ups too....

This was so much fun, as usual... I love CSI, and the way it makes me think!
I am off to solve another case!!!
PS A new one is released tonight (well in Australia, it will be the morning...)
Thanks for stopping by... Cheers, Vicki

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

11th March

CSI Case File 156

I may have mentioned that this is my favourite challenge site...
I love the way it makes me think, and inspires me to include different elements, sometimes ones I would not normally use together. And because there is so much evidence to choose (at least 2) from, the variety of styles and layouts entered is always amazing to see.... I love seeing what other scrappers come up with!
This is such a pretty palette, I immediately went to look at some of my 'garden' snaps... Not that I am a gardener, but do have limited success ( a little bit...) on occasion.... (read below!)

Let The Sunshine.

The Scheme: all colours accounted for.
Evidence: text print, cursive font (let the), leaves, mixed media background, liquid pearls.
Testimony: A Little Bit (in the journaling)
And a few close ups...


Thanks for stopping by, I love it when you leave a comment...
Cheers, Vicki. xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March 3rd (the previous post was actually written and went unpublished all through February)...

My ban may be lifting...

There are so many great challenge sites out there, and I have missed being involved and missed creating altogether!!!
In the Scrap Matrix Studio, we have Texture Tuesday each week, where people can come along and play with all things texture... have a practice, experiment with new products.... have fun.
It has also become the day when we participate in challenges. I have a few favourites that I love, and have the current month's mood boards or sketches available to be inspired by.
I can hardly not create in my own studio, when others are!!!!
 That is my decision, and I am sticking to it!!  So, I guess my creative ban is lifting.... slowly.
On Tuesdays anyway!
My first one for the year is for Kraft +, which actually is a real challenge for me - I rarely choose kraft as my base....
Here is my take on the challenge, using loads of bling, which fit perfectly with my daughter's Year 12 Formal photos.
(I still need to get better at taking these photos - the right hand side is a bit dark....). But it is done!


And here are a couple of close ups...

This is what I have been missing - I had the best time!
Thanks Kraft +.
Cheers, Vicki. xx
March 3rd....
My Creative Ban
Okay, so all has been very (VERY!!!) quiet on the blog front lately. I have imposed a "creative"  ban on myself... until I have things under control.  Well as in control as is possible for me. lol
I have been struggling on a few levels for quite a while now, and need to find myself again.  My word for this year is RESTORE - and there is much that needs RESTORING, in a few areas of my life.
I think I 'dropped my bundle' in about August last year, and I think I buried my head in studio.... because everything else was either too hard, or too unpleasant for me to deal with.  Unfortunately I wasn't doing anything that SHOULD have been attended to, I just played (I had discovered challenge sites lol). 
It seems to be taking a long time to pick up my pieces again, but I am working on it.
 I spent 2 weeks in Bali early in January, much of it alone - to sort some things out... and have some things/aims/plans/dreams.... etc that I will be focusing on in the short term.
They include:

Scrap Matrix:

  • restore to former glory!
  • restore a system that works for me
  • restore my abilility to plan and follow through
  • restore my own creativity
  • Practise making 'business' decisions, that sometimes may not be easy
  • Maintain the stock inventory better  (find a system and maintain it!)
  • Accept that it is a new business (for me!) and things don't happen over night
  • Don't give up, it is my dream, I am happy to put the work in, because I love it and believe it will pay off... financially - one day!
  • Just do it better.... 


  • Restore My Confidence
  • Trust my instincts in making my own decisions, and accepting that some of them are ... not so good!
  • Remember that I am a 'strong, independent woman' - that sometimes needs help....
  • Work out if you can be strong, and vulnerable at the same time?
  • Allow myself time to mourn (I didn't give myself time for this last year - and I suffered because of it)
  • Create smaller job lists - that are achievable - tick them off
  • Remind myself of things that I do achieve
  • Stop trying to please everyone - it will never work, even when your intentions are good
  • Try not to 'put things off' - just do it!
  • Attempt to work and live within my budget! (This will be one of the toughest!!!)
  • Spend more time in Ubud!!! (This will be a good one!!!)
Okay, one of the things is "create smaller job lists"... so I think I better stop!
I am glad I have written this all down, and some of it will be reflected in my art journaling and probs some of my layouts - so be warned... lots of affirmations, quotes and things to celebrate and reflect on... all reminders and prompts to myself to help me RESTORE myself to my former glory!!!
I have however been preparing some workshops for the
Stash + Creativity = Stash Journal in the Scrap Matrix Studio..

 Cheers, Vicki xxx