Wednesday, 17 December 2014

CSI Case No 149. December

This is my second case as a Special Investigator -
feeling like a real rookie!
I love this colour palette, it has some of my favourite colours, but obviously - from the southern hemisphere - it is hard to imagine Christmas all rugged up with scarves, hats and sitting around a fire with snowmen!!!  So, my layout is based on the colours, the sketch and the journaling clues.


 And a couple of close ups...
I am unsure I love this .... I may have overdone it (I am a little prone to not knowing when to stop and getting a little carried away!). However, I was determined to use all 4 photos, once I decided to use the "4 wishes" clue....

The Scheme - all colours accounted for.
Polka dots (sort of - if I can count the dots stencil)
Buttons - in the middle of my hand made flowers.
Swirls - on my background paper
Mixed media background, trees, animals (the photos of the wise monkeys), wood (tree embellishments), and string connecting it all together.
Not exactly a swirl, but my journaling is in a wavy curl shape, and documents my 4 wishes (that we could all live by what the monkeys are gesturing. Of course, there is one monkey missing.... DO NO EVIL!!!
Thanks for stopping by,
Cheers, Vicki

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