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May 8th

CSI Case File #164

I am a little late posting this - having Bali internet issues....
Here is the link:
Here is the Case File
(I just love these little images for the files.... )

Sometimes challenges are very challenging!!!!
I almost shudder when I see red and immediately think "what am I going to do with that???"   lol 
Then, when I look through photos.... it is surprising what jumps out to be used. And I am so glad I never 'caught up' with all photos from years ago, when the kids were small. 
There is always a positive side!
So here is the challenge for case #164
And here is my take on it....

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Scheme:  All colours accounted for (although the lime looks a little citrusy in the photo)
Evidence: Transportation accents (compass and the tyre track washi), clock, brads (one anyway - on the tag, cogs and gears, wet medium (water colour paints), polka dots (do splatters count?), speech bubbles (for the title).
Testimony: My journaling is written on the (just) hidden tag in a 'how to' format, as in trying to get Zac to use the pedals, while he insisted on using his feet... this actually never changed!

And some close ups....

You can't really see in the photos, but some of the water colours I used were H2Os, so there is a bit of a sheen to them, so beautiful.

I used the white Gelly Pens - OMG they are so good, and I think I have tried every white pen ever made over the years... I have found THE one now - might have to get all the colours...
How good does it look on the black cardstock???


I wonder how much paint ended up on his 'canvas'? lol
This was such a magical time, he was such a beautiful, easy going little boy. And so cute!
Another case solved - I feel like I am on a roll!
Thanks CSI - loved this one too!
Cheers, thanks for checking this out - please comment if you visited...
Cheers, Vicki
Love. Laugh. Scrap. Shop.

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