Friday, 8 May 2015

1st May

CSI Case #CC-5

Here is the link for this challenge.....
It closes on 31st May so you have plenty of time!

And the Case File....

This is actually my second attempt at this - could not get the first one to 'happen' for me... I might go back to it later....
(not that I was putting myself under any pressure... lol!)
I have just got my first pair of graduated lens glasses - a big thing for me, because I have been putting it off for a long time, preferring to have smaller glasses with a single vision lens - and just look over the top of them to see long distance clearly.  And because I have put it off for so long, it has become even harder to get used to the bigger glasses on my face!
I am still in two minds about them.....
Here is my layout for CC-5 Special Collaboration Case
- featuring the above mentioned glasses!

It's Time

Scheme: All colours accounted for. (the colour In the glasses has photographed yellower than it really is!)
Evidence: Scallops (dainty piece of German Scrap and the edging), flowers, paint (I used water colours to colour in some glasses lens), decorative border (my favourite old trusty scallop punch), punches (again the use of the trusty scallop  punch along the edge).
Testimony: My tabs (Pros and Cons), document how I feel about this big move to graduated lenses - and the story behind the 'granny look'.

Here are some close ups...

My journaling - 2 different points of view
(the single one is on the back of the one on the right - Pros)
I love strong vibrant colours, so this one was lovely to do - even if I don't usually use purple - not sure why, because I love it!
My first attempt was much more pastel toned, maybe that's why I am not so keen on it... much more comfortable with bold!
Thanks CSI - another great case!
Thanks for stopping by, and please leave a message so that I know you have been!
Cheers, Vicki
Love. Laugh. Scrap. Shop.


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