Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March 3rd....
My Creative Ban
Okay, so all has been very (VERY!!!) quiet on the blog front lately. I have imposed a "creative"  ban on myself... until I have things under control.  Well as in control as is possible for me. lol
I have been struggling on a few levels for quite a while now, and need to find myself again.  My word for this year is RESTORE - and there is much that needs RESTORING, in a few areas of my life.
I think I 'dropped my bundle' in about August last year, and I think I buried my head in studio.... because everything else was either too hard, or too unpleasant for me to deal with.  Unfortunately I wasn't doing anything that SHOULD have been attended to, I just played (I had discovered challenge sites lol). 
It seems to be taking a long time to pick up my pieces again, but I am working on it.
 I spent 2 weeks in Bali early in January, much of it alone - to sort some things out... and have some things/aims/plans/dreams.... etc that I will be focusing on in the short term.
They include:

Scrap Matrix:

  • restore to former glory!
  • restore a system that works for me
  • restore my abilility to plan and follow through
  • restore my own creativity
  • Practise making 'business' decisions, that sometimes may not be easy
  • Maintain the stock inventory better  (find a system and maintain it!)
  • Accept that it is a new business (for me!) and things don't happen over night
  • Don't give up, it is my dream, I am happy to put the work in, because I love it and believe it will pay off... financially - one day!
  • Just do it better.... 


  • Restore My Confidence
  • Trust my instincts in making my own decisions, and accepting that some of them are ... not so good!
  • Remember that I am a 'strong, independent woman' - that sometimes needs help....
  • Work out if you can be strong, and vulnerable at the same time?
  • Allow myself time to mourn (I didn't give myself time for this last year - and I suffered because of it)
  • Create smaller job lists - that are achievable - tick them off
  • Remind myself of things that I do achieve
  • Stop trying to please everyone - it will never work, even when your intentions are good
  • Try not to 'put things off' - just do it!
  • Attempt to work and live within my budget! (This will be one of the toughest!!!)
  • Spend more time in Ubud!!! (This will be a good one!!!)
Okay, one of the things is "create smaller job lists"... so I think I better stop!
I am glad I have written this all down, and some of it will be reflected in my art journaling and probs some of my layouts - so be warned... lots of affirmations, quotes and things to celebrate and reflect on... all reminders and prompts to myself to help me RESTORE myself to my former glory!!!
I have however been preparing some workshops for the
Stash + Creativity = Stash Journal in the Scrap Matrix Studio..

 Cheers, Vicki xxx

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