Friday, 18 March 2016

Sept 11th 2015
Never published - and not even finished properly, but here it is!

CSI Case File # 176

Insert file!!!
This palette threw me for a bit... but I had a flip through of some older photos, and found this one, which (because I am so matchy matchy - worked perfectly!)

My World

Scheme:  All colours accounted for.
Evidence: Music pattern (paper), music elements (vintage trinkets), hearts (paper), oval (chippie frame post for title), flourishes (part of th eoval frame post), borders (pretty plain, but I have used cardstock in blue to frame the entire layout..)
Testimony: My World.  I played on the title You Are My World... because they are!

A couple of close ups...

I love camera elements, and I used a variety here... a bit of chippie, a couple of wooden and a resin. These suited this layout particularly because this photo is part of a huge series I took of the kids in 2000, ready to create a family calendar for 2011.  The plain background (dirty old drop sheet) made it easy to edit around the images of the kids and insert them in other scenarios....

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