Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March
I am back!  AND so far behind!!!
When I shifted last year, I created a self enforced ban on blogging... just because I needed to concentrate on a million other things... packing, organising, closing and reopening my business (in South Australia), packing, stocktaking, getting my scanning program up and running, packing, unpacking.... and I was still trying to get my CSI cases solved and uploaded. A girl has to MAKE time to create!

Anyway, I still have loads to catch up on, still unpacking, restocktaking (because the scanning program locked me out on my 2 open days... grrr), getting workshops happening in Victor Harbour, ordering and unpacking new stock (YAY!!!)... and welcoming new customers to Scrap Matrix!
Seriously, I should still not be blogging - but I am!!!

I am including some recent CSI cases here, and from now on will do them on time again... that's the plan, because to be honest, I will probably never really catch up on all the cases from last year...

case #178
 Case #179
 Case # 180
 Case #181
 Case #183
So much fun - I can't tell you how much I love solving  these CSI case files!

Thanks for looking, Cheers, Vicki

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