Sunday, 19 April 2015

20th April

I am so excited!!!!

I am so happy, overwhelmed and amazed!!!
I am on the best design team ever!!!
You know how much I love CSI, right?
Sorry for all the exclamation marks...
but I am soooooo excited to share this news!!!
I have kept this news for a few days now, and I have been busting!
I am a Detective!!!

I am on the CSI Design Team!!!!!

 - did I mention that?????

And this is my badge!!!

Anyone that knows anything about my scrapping world, will already be aware that I have been addicted to this challenge site since I discovered it last year.
I was blessed to be on their Under Surveillance List with my very first challenge with them, and couldn't stop smiling for a week!
Then, I made their Most Wanted List and was a Special Investigator for a month, which was such an honour...
and now (!!!) I am on the team!!! And have never used so many exclamation marks on one page before in my life!

I love CSI!

Colour. Stories. Inspiration.

I love everything about it! 
I encourage anyone who is the slightest bit interested or even curious about challenges, to check this site out - it is so much fun! (And can be challenging!)
Here is the link:
The friendly community, the web site, the inspiration, the attention to detail, the format of the challenges... the creativity and variety that each challenge provides and produces...
and especially the creativity that is inspired in me!
I impatiently look forward to each case reveal... and it was the thing I missed most when I was under my self imposed creative ban earlier in the year!
And, now - I am part of that team!!!!!
My term runs from May until October, so my first case will be File no 163. Released on May 1st.... hope I can solve it! I best get some evidence collected....
Stay tuned!
( I still can't really believe it!!!)
Cheers, Vicki
Love. Laugh. Scrap. Shop.


  1. yay!!!! Just saw the post in my in box from CSI!!! Well done, Gongrats etc etc. you are just a wee bit excited aren't you!!! And so you should be, very well deserved!!!!!

  2. Thank you Tania! Yeah, just a wee bit excited - can you tell? I am trying to be very composed.... lol xx