Thursday, 16 April 2015

16th April

Kraft + (take 2!!!)

Yep, this is my second go at this - I blogged the first one, but didn't end up entering it in the challenge... I just wasn't that keen on it...
So, this is the challenge....
And THIS is my layout which I will upload to the Kraft + site!

Together - On Top Of The World.

This is how I used the recipe:
All colours accounted for.
Washi tape - silver chevron, layered with the paper
Silver - covered in the above (washi tape)
Spots - blue paper, white spots
3 tags - 1 above, 2 to the right of image (private journaling)
Stamping - light around the edge
Cotton - stitching it all together!

AS far as the Retro theme goes - just as a coincidence - the skirt Bree has on did belong to my mother and Bree found it and claimed it - from the Dress Up box!
I can only upload a 12 x 12 image, so this is what will show for the challenge....

 And here are some close ups.....


The photo below was taken for a particular reason.... Bree's small cousin loves volcanos, and the kids loved the way she explained how they erupted. So, we took these photos for Ellie, with Bree and Chris re enacting her actions. Too cute!


These photos are quite bittersweet to me... the photos were taken in January this year, in Bali, where I met up with Bree and Chris.  We had a lovely 4 days... and then I had to say goodbye to her (them!) because they were on their way to England - to MOVE TO ENGLAND!!! Which is fine for Chris (lol) - he is English... but my baby loves him, and is moving there with him!
It was really lovely to see them... so happy and in love, and starting their amazing new life together - BUT.... I will miss her (them!). They really do seem like they are On Top Of The World!!!
Thanks for popping in!
Cheers, Vicki
PS. This was actually take 3 - I forgot to add my cotton!


  1. Good on you keeping on going 'til you're happy with what you've done! I do that with challenges all the time....think I've done them, then look back & realise I've not included something that was needed!! Fabulous photos [even if bitter sweet]... & I really love your double. It's great and you've used all the elements beautifully...thanks so much for joining us at K+ this month!!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely words and compliments Lizzy! They mean a lot and make me smile - and especially because you made them on my blog!!!!! lol Cheers, Vicki

  3. Fabulous layout! Those photos are perfect with this colour challenge. I love your details...thanks for joining us over @ Kraft+ this month :)

  4. love this Vicki! and love that it is a double..
    Perfect use of the ingredients and colour!
    I look forward to sharing your stunning guest design work NEXT month.. ;-)
    Thanks for playing with us at K+ Challenges

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for commenting ON my blog!!!! This is a rare occurrence! lol And for saying such nice things.....

  6. oh what a lovely story - and i hope your daughter is loving life in England. How exciting and what a wonderful opportunity. I LOVE your layout - totally perfect. Thanks for joining us at K+

  7. What a gorgeous double - I'm intrigued to see your first attempt! :) Great to have you play along with us at K+