Wednesday, 17 June 2015

5th June

CSI Case File 166

Another cool case from CSI!

here is the case link, click to follow.
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You Are My Sunshine

I really had my heart set on using this photo, it was taken at the same time as the one I used for a case last month.... I tried to make it more similar than this (so it would 'look nice') as a spread in my album... yeah, that is the trouble with being a 'double page scrapper'... we are funny like that!
Scheme:  All colours accounted for.
Evidence:  Stripes, numbers, cloud, paint, and a pocket for  the journaling.
Testimony:  I have journaled on a tag in the pocket, and it is all about using your imagination while playing and especially painting.... and about how Zac always managed to get more paint on himself!
Just one close up... it is a pretty simple layout!
I love how the sun has created a halo around Zac's head, with his 'fly away' hair looking so cute!
This is just a quick post, I am getting this in by the skin of my teeth!
Cheers, Vicki

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