Friday, 26 August 2016

26th August

CSI Case File #210

When I first saw this case, I felt pretty sure I would use buildings somehow.... I did a background, creating a mosaic effect, I had triangles, stripes.... and I HATED it!!! lol New plan below!

The colour palette in this case is so pretty... I just had to use a 'pretty' subject - and my scarves are gorgeous!!


Scheme: All colours accounted for.
Evidence:  Grid or Check Pattern (stencil in background), Transportation Accents (flower cart), Circles (abstract flower shapes), Animals (the duck!)
Testimony: My opinion... of my beautiful scarves!  (this is pushing the boundary a little!) lol

I had fun cutting up some paper with the pretty round abstract flowers, then I found some nice little bright stickers and the cart with the duck - all complimented my design and colours.
For the background I stenciled the paste, and when it was dry, painted over it with Silks (from Primary Elements) and the sprayed some Lindy's and let it drip down the page.
I ended up trimming the white cardstock, because I felt I needed a border of bright paper, and then added my jouranling as an extra border!

Lovely case file CSI!!!
Cheers, Vicki

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